Aboriginal Perspectives



Jessica Wesaquate

Subject Area:



Patterns and Relations (Patterns)

Grade Level:



General Outcome:

Represent, analyze, and apply patterns using mathematical language and notation.

Specific Outcome:

Predict subsequent elements (terms or values) in a pattern (with and without concrete materials or pictorial representations) and explain the reasoning including the assumptions being made.


Alika Lafontaine Video 8: How does your heritage influence your heritage?

Activity/Lesson Ideas:

Every year there is a celebration in Batoche, Saskatchewan for the Métis. Take some time with your students to learn about whom the Métis are and their history. Take a look at the following problem-solving situation for students:

A little girl set-up one lemonade stand at Batoche days where she charged $1.00 a glass. $25.00 was collected on the first day. $17.00 more was collected on the second day than on the first day. After two days the little girl had collected $67.00 in all. On the third day, $17.00 more than the second day was collected. If the pattern continues, on what day will the little girl have collected at least $500.00?

  Day 1 Day 2
Day's collection($) 25  
Total collected($) 25 67

Watch Alika Lafontaine’s video 8: How does your heritage influence your practice? Alika Lafontaine is a physician in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He serves as a great Aboriginal role model for youth.