Aboriginal Perspectives


Role Playing

Jessica Wesaquate

Subject Area:

Arts Education


Drama/Visual Art

Grade Level:



Learning Objectives:

  • Students will begin to adopt roles in dramatic situations and accepts others in role.

  • Listen to the contributions of others.

  • Use imagination in dramatic contexts.

Introduction Activity:  

Start by showing the students an example of an interview from the website:


Activity One:
Empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls

Activity Two:

Activity Three:
Still images from Cassandra Opikokew section

Activity/Lesson Ideas:

  1. Brainstorm with students the “roles” in an interview. Students will find that there is an interviewer and an interviewee. You can introduce this terminology to them. You can also brainstorm what is needed in an interview: video camera, and questions.

    Put students into partner groups and give them the following: empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls.

    Delegate roles between the partner groups – an interviewer and an interviewee. The interviewer’s role will be to ask questions about the interviewee’s favorite things – color, food, toy, movie and etcetera. The interviewer gets to use an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll as a camera.

  2. Have students facilitate an interview at home with parents, guardians, siblings, or extended family. They could ask them questions such as:

    • What makes you unique?
    • What do you know about your cultural background?

    They can bring the questionnaire home and bring it back to school once they have finished the interview.

  3. Show students still images of Cassandra Opikokew. Talk about the role of a journalist. Ask students if they would like to be a journalist when they grow up.